Your Guide To Online Scams

November 17, 2018

Every year thousands of people get ripped off by companies on the internet. The main reason is because a company can easily create a site then set it up to scam people instead of providing them with the product or service customers had come there for in the first place. I decided to start reviewing sites ever since being taken for a ride by several promising sites earlier in the year. This gave me the idea to review all kinds of sites that have the potential to lure other people, like yourself, into giving up their money. We created SiteReviews to help consumers like you sort through the most common web sites that attract scammers. All of our review categories have all been chosen because of their tendency to have high incidences of scams.

All of the sites recommended have been used in the past 6 months by either me or my staff. We aim to compile the results of our reviews as of the end of each month. Today's reviews are as of October, 2018. When reviewing these sites some of the things we look at are those that have the most integrity, the best products, customer service, and money back guarantees. Our goal is to help you make an informed and ultimately the best decision before you sign-up with a site.

Best Regards,

Jason Anderson
Paid Surveys

Working at home is a great alternative for some people, like stay at home moms, and students. This is where paid surveys can be a great source of income. By paying people like you for your opinion, the company will gain valuable information about their product or service – translation: your opinion equals money.
Mystery Shopping

Every year companies are spending money on market research to give them a competitive edge within the market place. As a result, market research has become a huge industry that spends millions of dollars in collecting information about products and services each year.
Government Grants

Government Grants are quickly becoming the number one choice for people seeking financial assistance when starting a small business, paying for education, and bills. Believe it or not, this money does not have to be re-paid under some circumstances.
Government Auctions

Every month thousands of vehicles & properties become repossessed by banks, state, federal and private organizations through various seizure and bankruptcy laws. Siezed properties could be purchased through auctions at a fraction of their actual market value
Online DVD Rentals

Each day thousands of people sign up to rent movies online. The reason is that renting DVD's online is a great way to save time and money by allowing you to order DVD's right from your own home via the internet. So which online DVD company is the best?
Internet Phone (VoIP)

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one of the fastest growing ways to save money on your local and long distance phone calls. The way VoIP works is by routing your calling through your high speed internet connection.